Solid, high-quality trailers for all work tasks.


TypeNet weight (kg)Payload (kg)Total width (mm)Total length (mm)Notes
Boggiehengere3902 3001 6004 380Har flere typer
Boggiehengere8202 6802 5006 610Stor
Maskintralle8402 6602 0405 700Liten
Maskintralle8402 6602 2005 700
Maskintralle7802 7202 3305 630
Biltralle7051 8952 3105 995Liten
Biltralle7151 8852 4606 910
Biltralle cargo1 1201 8802 4906 529m/kapell
Skaphenger6771 8232 0404 440m/dører i skap
Skaphenger5501 7502 0004 440m/rampe i skap
Tipphenger9102 5901 7304 360
Stillashenger686pakke med 101 m2 stillas
Vaskehenger 500bar1100130250Vanntank 850 /1200 l

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