About us

About us

Rental.one makes sure that you are competitive when the job requires equipment you do not have.

We protect your assets

Equipment is intended to be used, but everything needs maintenance and repair.

Do you have a tractor or other agricultural equipment that needs service, repair or new paint? Are you a contractor and need a workshop that makes sure your machinery fleet can handle the pressure? Do you have equipment that needs specialised welding repairs?

Jærens mest moderne verksted – Rental.one – har både folkene og det som trengs. Når du virkelig trenger det. Med nytt og moderne utstyr leder vi an innen miljøvennlig teknologi og kostnadseffektive løsninger.

We know that waiting time is lost money.


We perform our daily work with a high level of skill and with respect for each other. We focus on the best product over time with quality service at all stages. Customer satisfaction depends on timely deliveries.


We are always ready to provide help to our customers and each other. We have access to necessary equipment so our response time is short.


We focus on finding good products and being smart and creative to the benefit of our customers.

Get in touch! We are always ready to provide good help.

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