Job vacancies

When you work at, you will notice a difference!

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Job vacancies

When you work at, you will notice a difference!

We know that motivated employees are employees who are given trust and take responsibility.

We want to be the industry’s most attractive workplace. This means that the pay has to be competitive, but not least, it means that we place great emphasis on ensuring that you thrive and enjoy the feeling of using your full capacity. It goes without saying that you should also enjoy delivering top quality as part of a team.

We look forwards to having you on the team!

We are always looking for good employees

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Apprenticeship scheme:

We have decided to be a driving force in the work of making our industry attractive to young people who will choose a profession. This means that we are actively involved in the development of the subjects, and not least work continuously to make an attractive workplace for you who are young.

Nearly ten per cent of our workforce are apprentices. It is a commitment!

You are welcome to talk with us about the opportunities to become an apprentice.

By the autumn of 2021, we are looking for two apprentices in the construction machine mechanic subject. Contact us for more info.

Job vacancies

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