Risa Service is becoming Rental.one!

Risa Service was established in 2015, but is now renaming Rental.one. With this, the company will offer the district's largest machinery park to even more customers in the rental market.

Risa Service has been a part of Risa-gruppen for many years, and has mainly had customers associated with Risa AS, such as Bjørns Hage & Anlegg AS and Jostein Myge AS. Now they want to reach a larger part of the market.

- We have large quantities of machines and special equipment that the industry needs. Probably the industry's most up-to-date machinery. We therefore want to connect with other customers besides Risa AS, so that more people will enjoy this equipment. Although Risa As will be one of our largest customers, it was now natural to make the changes visible through a new name, says Svein Bø, CEO of Rental.one.

Rental.one will operate from Haugesund in the west to the agder counties in the east.

Today, the company has a total of 43 employees, and more are on the way to handle the growing number of assignments. Among other things, to maintain all the equipment in the workshop, to live up to the contractors' expectations. But they will also offer other services as well.

- Customers can get their logo and profile on the machines, if they wish, Bø says, adding: - Customers should note that we are service-minded. And not least, customers, who have a job to do out there, should notice that top gear gets the job done, concludes Svein Bø, general manager of the newly started Rental.one.