Compactors construction rollers

Compactors construction rollers

Intelligent rollers that adapt to the work area and workplace to provide maximum versatility and performance.

Compactors construction rollers

ModelWeight (kg)Height (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Drum width (mm)Centrifugal forceFuelGPSNotes
RTX-SC31 4671 2708201 85382068,4DieselGrøftevals
SD252 6642 2501 2201 0501 05056DieselValsetog
SD45B4 9482 8301 5504 1811 37275/93Diesel
SD75B7 0002 9241 8305 0441 67696/132Diesel
SD115B11 6433 0002 2866 0912 134208/258Diesel
SD135B12 7283 0002 2866 0912 134208/58Diesel
SD160B16 6913 0902 4066 1482 134249/291Diesel
CS 78B18 7003 1102 3606 1302 134166/332DieselGrøftevals

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